Legal services provided

In particular, B&B law firm specializes in commercial law (including corporate law) and the comprehensive legal protection of business entities.

  • Comprehensive legal service in forming, creating and changing companies, transferring shares, representation before courts and registration with business licensing authorities,
  • Termination of a company without liquidation
  • Drafting commercial contracts and other documents in the field of commercial law,
  • Application of commercial law claims clients in court and representation in court proceedings,
  • Collection of receivables from clients in enforcement proceedings,
  • Drafting unilateral legal documents in the field of commercial law

Our law firm provides services in all branches of law in the Slovak legal system and the law of the European Communities.

Civil law

Labour law

  • preparing the bilateral legal documents – contracts (purchase, donation, works, loan and other contract types), drawing up documents for other legal acts (unilateral acts – e.g. the recognition of the commitment etc.)
  • presenting clients’ claims in court and representation in proceedings before courts and other authorities,
  • property disputes, settlement of marital co-ownership, separate co-ownership
  • comprehensive legal service for transfer, sale and lease of real estate,
  • recovery of claims arising out of civil law relations,
  • representation in judicial enforcement of decisions and enforcement proceedings;
  • representation in inheritance proceedings
  • representing employees in relations with employers (nullifying termination of employment, making wage claims, severance pay);
  • claims for damages (including industrial injury)
  • preparing documents for labour law acts (employment contracts, notice, immediate termination of employment, agreements);

Family law

Criminal law

  • presenting maintenance claims in court (application to determine, increase, decrease maintenance)
  • representing clients in divorce proceedings,
  • representing clients in proceedings on the rights and obligations towards minor children,
  • representation in determining, denying paternity, client’s entitlement to spousal maintenance
  • drawing up motions and notifications about suspicion of committing a crime,
  • defence of the accused in pre-trial proceedings, defence of defendants at the trial, application for conditional release of prisoners
  • redress for victims;
  • representation in mediation procedure

Tax law

  • representation of clients in administrative and tax proceedings
  • filing administrative – legal claims of clients in administrative and tax proceedings
  • processing of legal documents ( suits, appeals, standpoints)
  • representation at the Courts of Justice in examinaton of legitimacy of decisions made by administrative authorities